Truly Green Plastic™ won 75% of the votes for this year’s GLOBAL HEMP DAY virtual pitch competition hosted by ARCVIEWCANNATECH!



Truly Green Plastic™ is ground-breaking, eco-friendly cleantech born at the intersection between biotechnology, chemical engineering, and cannabis agriculture. Simply put, we take the leftover plant material from harvesting cannabis and convert it into a fully-biodegradable plastic using a bacterial conversion process.


Unlike our competitors, Truly Green Plastic™ does not rely upon industrial composting facilities. The bacteria used in our production process is widely available in nature and will consume our plastic as a food source without leaving any harmful residues behind!


We have orchestrated the end of simply burning cannabis waste or throwing it into landfill after lacing it with foreign chemicals. Instead, we’re putting this waste to work, and the result is a more cost-effective, more environmentally-friendly biopolymer.


Each kilo of fossil fuel plastic produced condemns our planet to hundreds of years of plastic pollution. Every single kilo that we can replace with Truly Green Plastic™ saves the planet from this enormous environmental burden.




Our expert team of scientists, researchers, and innovators has developed this first-in-kind intellectual property that has not only been recognized by the ISA/IPEA as novel, but also patentable.


We have had our samples tested by a third-party to verify the accuracy of our claims and we were recently invited to present our discoveries at the American Chemical Society’s 2020 Fall Expo.


Shockingly, only about 12% of what cannabis growers produce ends up on the shelves. What happens to a grower’s profitability when it becomes possible to monetize the other 88% as something greater than just ‘waste’?


Our Truly Green Plastic™ pellets have superior mechanical properties, which means they can be used to make anything from press & twist containers and drug delivery devices, to hospitality products and marketing materials.


At first, it was a simple idea – why didn’t dog waste bags have the capacity to break down when they made it to landfill? Especially considering that fact they were filled with organic matter, shouldn’t they be designed to dissolve based on contact with their contents?

Once we investigated the existing options at the time, we quickly realized that products on the market were over-engineered – they were able to do much more than hold dog waste and, as a result, needed a much longer amount of time to break down. Many of the so-called ‘biodegradable’ options required either industrial composting plants or significant access to oxygen and sunlight in order to break down, circumstances which are not always practically available.

Our team discovered that cannabis plant biomass was capable of producing degradable plastics with enhanced mechanical properties and we pioneered the method through which to create this eco-friendly, Truly Green Plastic™.


Axel Striefler

Axel Striefler

Managing Member - CADIEM
Mr. Striefler served as CEO of Equity Square and Chairman of Arthos Private Equity, both in Germany. He served as CEO of TSX-V listed Syscan International, Canada. Prior to Syscan he was senior partner at ACG, a German tech startup he helped grow to over $500 million through M&A. He has 20 years experience in private and public market transactions, capital raising, M&A and business advisor. Focused on discovery, validation and efficient scale of startup / early stage. Before his entrepreneurial years Mr. Striefler served 10 years in various senior executive roles for NYSX listed Armstrong World Industries’ Insulation Division (ArmaCell). Mr. Striefler holds a degree as Diplom Kaufmann / M.Sc.
Craig Astill

Craig Astill

Managing Director & CEO - Caason Group
Craig founded Caason Group in 1999 to pursue interests in international trade and finance. He is an accomplished sophisticated investor, project developer, entrepreneur and board member with over 30 years of corporate experience. Craig has taken a lead role in several ASX Iistings, takeovers, mergers, rights issues and placements during his career. From a young age, Craig had an enthusiasm for travel and interest in facilitating partnerships for the benefit of trade. This led him to pursue formal studies in international trade. Early in his work career, Craig was responsible for exporting perishable dairy products worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year to North Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Another early career highlight was co-authoring a number of internationally granted patents including the world’s first economic business process patent for cross border trade. Today, Craig’s absolute passion is facilitating partnerships and investments to support the growth of emerging companies, globally. Craig is a blue-sky thinker and a technology early adopter. When others say “we can’t do that”, Craig says “this is how I can see this working”. With up to 30 active projects underway at any given time, Craig draws on his extensive professional network of fellow investors, entrepreneurs and world-wide leaders in trade."
Kerry Jordan

Kerry Jordan

Co-Founder, Managing Partner - Supercritical
Kerry Jordan’s 25-year career in the financial services industry spans from the early days of electronic trading at Nasdaq, to derivatives structuring at Bank of America in the dot-com era, to hedge fund advisory at RMB Capital. Kerry developed a diverse range of competencies and capabilities that has proven a distinct benefit for executive leadership and board directorship. This experience includes substantial P&L responsibility, detailed understanding of financial modeling and securities structuring, and a deep knowledge of securities sales and trading. Kerry has expertise in interpreting financial statements, audits, and investment portfolios, and translating this information into easy-to-understand terms. She gained her technical proficiency working for large, sell-side financial institutions as well as small, buy-side asset managers. She acquired her academic experience from undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst program. Prior to co-founding Supercritical, Kerry was the chief operating officer of D’Orazio Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused on investments in middle market manufacturing and energy-related companies. Prior to joining DCP, Kerry was the director of business development at RMB Capital Management where she managed client development, marketing, and capital raising for its hedge fund division. Prior to RMB, Kerry served as head of development and chief compliance officer for Chicago Capital Management L.P., a risk arbitrage hedge fund. In this capacity Kerry managed the fund’s global capital raising, investor relations, and compliance programs. Previously, Kerry was a director in the global derivatives products group at Bank of America where she focused on the structuring and sale of interest rate, commodity, and equity derivatives for the bank’s Fortune 1,000 clients. Kerry holds a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Massachusetts and a master of science in finance degree from the George Washington University. She also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is an active member of the CFA Society Chicago and the CFA Institute. In addition to serving at the chairwoman of the board of directors of Warriors at Ease, Kerry serves on the board of directors of the International Women’s Forum, and the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago’s Impact Investing Advisory Council. Ms. Jordan lives in Riverside, IL with her four children and their dog Rita.
Nassir Arzamkhan

Nassir Arzamkhan

Chairman - AKN & Sons Ltd.
Steve Slater

Steve Slater

VP, Strategic Initiatives - Terramera
Dr. Steven Slater is Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Terramera. He earned his PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Case Western Reserve University in 1993 and was a NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University through 1995. He joined Monsanto in 1996 and held a variety of senior science positions, being appointed as a Monsanto Fellow in 2002. In 2004, he left Monsanto for a tenured faculty position at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, AZ. After nearly five years at ASU, he moved to the University of Wisconsin, where he led scientific programs for six years at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, a $25M/year DOE-funded program focused on production of cellulosic biofuels. In 2013, he joined Midwestern BioAg as Vice President for Research and Development, and in 2017 he joined Terramera. He remains a scientific advisor to Midwestern BioAg and several other agricultural focused companies.
Tarek Moharram

Tarek Moharram

President & CEO - Moharram Ventures
Tarek is an experienced leader, a successful entrepreneur, a recognized inventor, and a passionate educator. He is both trained as a lawyer and certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP). He brings a broad range of skills to the table, with experience as the senior leader behind a handful of multi-million-dollar companies, a Board Director and Board Chair serving several organizations in his community, the talent evaluator responsible for hiring hundreds of employees, the leader trusted to build and sustain winning team cultures, and the representative responsible for negotiating a wide variety of agreements. Tarek established Moharram Ventures as an idea factory where he can live his dream of concentrating the creative power of human competence through effective collaboration.



Truly Green Plastic™ is an environmentally encouraging solution to packaging cannabis in traditional non-disposable, plastic bags. This product comes from cannabis biomass and it is biodegradable. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by it. There is so much waste in packaging cannabis for sale. Truly Green Plastic™ offers an alternative that is good for the earth.


No matter how much money one makes today, it will mean nothing if there is no tomorrow in which to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The world currently produces 700 tons of plastic per minute, which is shocking and unsustainable. As developing countries continue to begin refusing to act as dumps for developed countries, solutions will arise from necessity.


Not only will Truly Green Plastic™ help to mitigate the harmful environmental impact of both plastic waste and cannabis waste, but keeping the project right here in Canada will benefit our economy.


As a current LP and as a former LP, I think that his technologies enable local businesses in all those jurisdictions to take what he may or may not build and do something really exciting in their own areas.

Hamish Sutherland

Cannabis 10x Judge & Cannabis Industry Leader




Tons of Plastic is Created Every Minute


of a Cannabis Grower’s Crop is ‘Waste’